Contributing Artists

Jacob Byerson Jr

Jacob Byerson Jr

Music Producer / Song Writer

Jacob grew up in Beaufort, SC amongst a family of gifted singers, he wrote his first song at the age of nine. He is a very gifted song writer/producer and music has always been a very important part of his life. He also served 8 years in the United States navy after which, he moved to Greenville, SC and formed a group called “Two Deep”, which lasted about a year.

Later, Jacob began writing and producing independent acts. In 2006 he met Khary “Truescribe” Rose through a mutual friend. The two became very close as well as musical partners. Khary wrote the music and Jacob wrote the lyrics. They have worked with many independent acts and are currently working with elder Mary Crite, Angel Grant and MC Spice just to name a few. In 2013 they formed Tru-Jay Productions with the slogan “Music for the world”. The goal of Tru-Jay Productions is to have their music heard by the masses. What makes Tru-Jay Productions stand apart from the others is that they produce many different genres of music rather than just one style.

Latrena Wright AKA Trenadawn

Latrena Wright AKA Trenadawn

Song Writer

Latrena Wright AKA Trenadawn is a new and promising songwriter from Kansas City, Missouri. She is known for her many accomplishments as a Songwriter and it is said that she elevates the concept of modern songwriter to a whole new level.

Progression & evolution has always been the mission for her. She has been involved in numerous projects, where she has worked with several local artists, two independent labels, managed a couple of artists and has also produced a track for the Obama Campaign. The new single “Freely Love”, written by Trenadawn, is a fun pop tune about love that is fresh, romantic, and inspiring and shows her progression as a most promising songwriter with a bright future and prospect in the music industry.

She can quite literally write about anything and make it sound intriguing and beautiful while relating to her listeners in a lighthearted way. She is currently working hard to gain more of a presence in North America.

This contributing artists page is still in the making and will probably always be. I’m always looking for new talented artists to add that final magic to my beats, whether that be in the form of writing, singing, rapping or all three!

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