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Truescribe Beats Featured Video

This is a controversial song I made back in 2005 called “Siren Call.” I don’t necessarily believe everything
said in the song but it was fun to write. Enjoyed giving it some life with a video!

About Truescribe!



Music producer, rapper, singer, writer

Truescribe was born in Brooklyn, NY and grew up in Hillsborough, NJ.

He has been writing songs, rapping, and singing since he was about 11 years old, when he heard his first hip hop albums and loved that rhythm at first hear. That first listen ignited a love for writing songs. At a young age he recognized that music was a great way to express his thoughts to the world.

In his late teens he learned to play his first instrument; the guitar. He then taught himself how to make beats after a friend gave him a music producing software. That’s when he realized he had a 2nd musical passion; music production.

Shortly thereafter, he got serious about recording and wrote his 1st self-produced album, “Multiple Personality Disorder.” His passion for music production grew so much that he decided to put his pen down and focus on improving his craft as a producer. All that hard work paid off and now his production work has been published on networks such as VH-1 and MTV and he has worked with hundreds of artists.

During the past year, his passion for the pen was re-ignited and he is currently working on the follow up to Multiple Personality Disorder; a return back to the number one reason he named himself what he did. He considers himself a true writer of lyrics in addition to being a music composer.

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