Song Lyrics

What’s a beat without song lyrics? Some would say just good potential.
The debate over whether beats or lyrics is more important has been going on forever. Being someone who’s on both sides of the coin, it’s hard for me to pick one. I just know I’ve always wanted to share my song lyrics with my audience, so I’ll always have them available to you. Enjoy!

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Siren Call

Im all about order one of the reasons I chose the law
Hate those whose mission is to oppose the law
Disdain for those who try to expose the flaw
Lucky I aint like you or Id impose the saw
Without regulation this nation is anarchic
Im a bodyguard with a halo and a starship
With a genuine obsession for your protection
Conceived to defend rule without question
I was raised by a cop fam safe little cop town
Daddy was a prison guard when Atticka was locked down
Then he moved up to reign the street
And 2 years later he became the chief
The city was in love with him they laid in bed safer
Then somebody put a bullet in the bread maker
Thats when I knew I had to wear the hot blue too
Mama cried and said no son not you too

Siren call, when you dial them numbers
Im ready to put my life right under the thunder
Siren call, 15 over the speed limit
And Im up in your rare view mirror in 3 minutes
When I hear the sound of the gavel
I put smiles on the families of the bodies in gravel
Siren call, One of the good ones you fear without merit
But for a history of torture its what I inherit

Raised my hand and took the oath
Glance at the guy next to me and wondered if it meant the same to us both
Cause if its bendable to him I wont consider him a comrade
I seen too many good cops gone bad
You look at me and see a resume of unwarranted black eyes
A man who makes his living beating down black guys
A roamer of the streets looking for a silly thug
My source of entertainment a jet black billy club
Im a leader that your kids should follow
Do you think I dont hate what they did to Dialo?
As if, I didnt find it an astounding thing
When I saw the tape of them cops pounding King
Please, Im as much of a soldier as them dudes that you pray for
Difference is a lot less pay for
The same service but mine is domestic
So they return to a country the same as they left it

Siren call, when you dial them numbers
Im ready to put my life right under the thunder
Siren call, 15 over the speed limit
And Im up in your rare view mirror in 3 minutes
Siren call, When you hear the sound of the gavel
I put smiles on the families of the bodies in gravel
Siren call, One of the good ones you fear without merit
But for a history of torture its what I inherit

I love people that preach to hate me
But as soon as the cow flesh cooks they escape to my safety
And I dont get to choose who I lay it on the line for
The ones who called me pig I might lose a spine for(Continue)
Overseer but under a sea of bills
Underpaid till they hit me with a fleet of bills
But I aint complaining Im living my love and passion
While for most of yall work is just a frivolous action
The reason were in a prosperous and profound nation(Continue)
Cause, we all agree upon its foundation
I would put my own son in the hole
For 25 years if I found out anothers life he stole
Thats my principal and point blank no exception
So I hope its registering through your reception
My community is just like any other
The good, bad, and ugly so I too watch my cover

Siren call, when you dial them numbers
Im ready to put my life right under the thunder
Siren call, 15 over the speed limit
And Im up in your rare view mirror in 3 minutes
Siren Call, When you hear the sound of the gavel
I put smiles on the families of the bodies in gravel
Siren call, one of the good ones you fear without merit
But for a history of torture its what I inherit

Battle Cry

When I get a deal Ill dangle it in front of starving musicians
Bait the flies off their eyes put the vultures in position
And the vultures are the words that form the absurd
Herds of paraphrases in the form of blunt verbs
And this felt tip pen is like a felt tip beak
A premature baby never felt this weak
Me and the mic fighting the laws of decay
And by the look on your face we changing what youre calling dismay
So pray, the microscopic breakdown
Aint half as thorough as a maximum security shake down
We start at the toes and erode your clothes
Now you seeing all cons take over the pros
Ate the meat off your tibia arrival to the knee cap
Your still alive but seeing your future as a flee trap
Over, left the hyenas for the rest of the feast
Genitalia and all you aint resting in peace

I cry with fake tears just to bait the sharks
Morph the mic into a missile now they run to the narcs
Battle me in broad day or midnight
And you aint safe on land or wings spread in mid flight

The Linguist
I laught at yall street n*** s I’m on a Saddam level
Slice your manhood off put it where they put the bezel
You wanna breathe ask permission
Cause I treat you like cancer and I doubt you will pass remission
How many slugs penetrate before your ass will listen
None, a graze wound and your ass was pissin
Cause the sawed off shot gun is radiating
Change your base like crack call it eighty-eighting
I’m a gentleman cause at least I leave your torso
But the feet, legs, arms, and head will torched though
I’m a new age killer, a new wave slitter
Do it cowboy style call me the two wave hitter
But i don’t wait till sunset
Better use a tech as a teddy bear like you were an NRA gun vet
Exterminate 1 town in 1 round
I’m the last man up amongst 8,001 down

Homosexuals I slap the defecation out your lips
Wipe the evidence of your trepidation out your whips
If you’re straught I snuff the yeast infection out your nostrils
And document it quicker than a biblical apostle
In other words your explanation’s unavoidable
I’m down for any weaponry as long as it’s oil able
n*** s quick to empty out their pockets
I don’t want your paper, I want the heat to empty out your sockets
Imma overload the afterworld
They’re having to pass them Chinese laws cause Truescribe is the last to hurl
No more than one death per household
Anyways it’s more stimulating just to knock you out cold
Fought the lapses and stalked the masses
My bullets have the vision of a hawk with glasses
You’re an oblivious rodent in the shrubbery
My Sundance gun flash got the streets loving me


Next To You

I buy my chains at bling ice dot com
You dont know look it up yo the price not long
Im sick of hearing songs about the cake you make
1% identifies with you this aint Kuwait
The average man can only afford to roll a in a little ford
Or a jet black Honda Accord
And as for the youth thats the truth
Youd have to work for a year just buy a used platinum tooth
This aint jealousy its all reality
A Bentley is millions of miles out the scope of normality
My, bank account is regularly negative
So, women sleeping on me like they took a sedative
I, tell you what you gimme a chance
And Ill show you Im a millionaire under these pants
If you in the club and filed in the first 2 brackets
Come on, throw your 10s up show em how you mack it

Take the girl right next to you and just
Give her a twirl and check the view and just
Get on your tippy toes see if theres a back view
And if she slaps you at least you crack view

This verse is for the ballers on a budget the 40oz love its(66)
Watchin videos doin the Cristal covets
Thats me I bounce checks on the regular
But I do have a cellular
Keep that in mind lady I take you out to Mccy Ds
To show you good times I don’t need 50 g’s
Unless you need 50 carats on the r-i-n-g
My hooptie more entertaining than a Benzy
Don’t you want a rough ride
Save smooth for the bed room while I drive with nuff pride
What you laughin at I ain’t laughing back
This could be the place where the real action’s at
In fact I got a candle in the car lets start a scandal in the car
Rip off a handle in the car
I’m a big booty eyer trust
But right now I need a size 4-10 so we won’t make a tire bust

Take the girl right next to you and just
Give her a twirl and check the view and just
Get on your tippy toes see if theres a back view
And if she slaps you at least you crack view

3rd times the charm with the $20 mic in my palm
Dont be ashamed if you got half a tat on your arm
Something is better than nothing unless
You wont have the money next week for them to finish the rest
I roll up to the club in a dented civic around 99
And it suits me fine
Keep pointing, matter of fact laugh away
Cause Imma, drive this ride till it pass away
And ladies calling me broke when they slap away
When I blow I wont give you the half a day
Anyways my delivery is tight as lungs
I aint discouraged its 12 and the night is young
Every jersey Ive ever rocked is unauthentic
But picture this in it Im still photogenic
Got a whole wad of ones Im lacking funds
The track is done lets get the club cracking one

Where Is She?

I hear L when he needed love I’m feeling the void
Fellas annoyed status of a playa destroyed
Cause I’m sick of one night stands and meaningless arousal
Sweating on women unworthy of being spousal
The laughing stock in a circle of friends
Trapped in the middle suffocated by a circle of trends
And the trend is every day poking a new appendix
Baffling forensics the thought is horrendous
Maybe a fool for opening up
They warned when you’re in love every thing she say you’re soaking it up
But what about that feeling inside
Like when she talks to you you’ve got some sort of spiritual healing inside
Can’t lie wanna be holding hands
As we walk barefoot through Egyptian golden sands
Where’s the one my 5’8 cinnamon bun?
About 500 women in one
Spit the hook

Where my queen at
The one who change my circulation when she leans back
The one who could care less where the green at
My source of light when the whole world seems black
Where my queen at

Where you at girl it’s time for a life partner
Wanna make the kinda love that’s a life sparker
Playa hold your breath in and listen
Have you ever felt your heartbeat skip from a session of kissin?
Nah, I thought so cause you’re all about the back and forth
Minutes later letting off like black exhaust
Not me I’m on a tantric level
What a waste of time if it’s on a frantic level
Think you love it now imagine if your souls are conjoined
Focus on the heart instead of the hips and the groin
Gimme a girlfriend I wanna share a cone of ice cream
Lean on her shoulders when the hardships of life seem
Too much to bare
If it’s just a conquest she think’s you’re asking to much to care
Sick of swimming in a foot of water gimme some depth
I need a woman who can snacth my breath
Talk to me


I can see her in a dress as long as lady Di’s
Lifted up the veil to no surprise
Was a woman with a smile that gives an orgasm to vision
God made with alchemized dust to precision
And I wasn’t looking bad myself tuxed up
In Armani and i look at the fam their stuffed up
And the priest is giving the cue it’s ring time
In an ancient setting this is Beijing time
And I can’t wait to say I do
When this happens in real life these words are the deja vu
As I place it on her finger her tears stain the sleeve
My Adam’s apple dances I maintain the Eve
Give her a wink a second for the moment to sink in
Enslaved by emotions i was her Abe Lincoln
The church sound highly dead
As I looked into her eyes and said with this ring I the wed

Eulogy Sakima - Interlude

This is my life I only live it once
No longer afraid of my grave
So I’m alive I live for better days

You ain’t heard from me in a while
They diagnosed me with cancer yet and still I smile
Picture me now with my head held down my palms drown in my tears
Funny how when you’re alone god is always near
The pain is deep, never feared any man so why can’t I sleep
Scared tomorrow will never come
Perhaps to some I’m showing fear
But come and test me cause ain’t no coward nigga living here
It is destined for man to live once and then die
I got a lot to accomplish before my time
In and other words I’m here to stay
Dropping heartfelt poetry until judgment day and should our father take me away
Then leave a nigga at peace because in heaven I’ll shine
Finally at peace in this troubled life of mine
Troubled life of mine
This troubled life of mine

He was a man with maturity beyond his years
Idolized Tupac and now they’re probably peers
Had a dream to be a musician and here mine fuses with him
I hope that he approves the instrumental in my vision
Did it to the best of my precision
Lost to cancer too young for the division
Between life and soul
Didn’t know him long but I’ll remember him even if a thousand years old
Rest in tranquility man at least now your pain is bland
Glimmer on like a grain of sand
But be sure to find a way to let us know that you’re happy in the next phase
And ahead of you are the best days
Both shared a thirst for books
Seems yesterday we chilled at my house writing a verse for hooks
I thank god for the little time I knew ya
Rest in peace for now goodbye goodnight to ya

The Essence Of True

Whos the one the steals dimes right from under preachers arm pits
Make Saddam piss like America in bomb fits
When I make a song fit pom poms lift
Like a Hendrix song rift make a hippie light a long splif
Whos the one that threatens Tony Soprano
With a rusty pellet gun thats been 2 weeks outta ammo
Im the most idiotic IQ is subatomic
So dumb hooked on phonics couldnt help me write a sonnet
You think I write rhymes man you must be dumb as me
I paid 800 gs just to pass one as me
Nah thats a lie can you can put me on the stand
Cause I signed the writers contract with my left hand
Thats why my name is as much an exaggeration
As the class of 2016s imagination
Im so zany youre thinking I sniff propany
Kidnapped slave a owners granddaughters and said yo pay me

My essence makes you smile like blue florescence
Make your cheeks move like the last bell of your lessons
If youre looking for a fresh new face of this art
Original MC to give it a brand new start
Im TRUE to every verse TRUE to every bar
Like a rap star is TRUE to every chain TRUE to every car
TRUE to my essence like my mom is TRUE to Essence
TRUE to my words like the moon is TRUE to crescent

Ladies check my water bed I got wicked back stroke
I know what youre thinking but Im not your average black folk
Swim like an amphibian morning to prime meridian
On second thought in 6ft Id drown like a simian
Illest rapper alive watch me prove it
Make the dead step to it no embalming fluid
I rhyme in English but I think in Yiddish
Seduce Scandinavia in Finnish after 28th Guinness
An unreliable eye witness
Artist was left with the composite of a microphone and said do you comply with this
In the case of the murder of hip hop
Said I saw it all go down while I made a pit stop
So they confiscated all mics and brought em to Cuba
Tortured em by making em magnify the sound of a Tuba
framed em with no body the last mic in my basement
Hip hop is back cause Im is the only one adjacent

Whos the one that makes faces at blind men
Curses out the deaf and pays for braces with 9 yen
Nah thats a lie already got straight teeth
But Ill slap yours crooked over my fake beef
Music a bad influence I heard sexual healing
And gave the kindergarten girls a professional feeling
Thats me perverted at a young age
And hip-hop was the first music to make the young rage?
Who walks to the Rock and Roll hall of fame
Says induct me to president or its all in flames
I only hate those that hate themselves
Thats why I hate myself like foreigners American wealth
But I love those that loathe each other
Quoted Canibus and L in this song to give it some color
2ND verse was a prophecy game will be all mine
T.R.U.E. greatest of all time

Addition VS Subtraction

The addition of the car was revolutionary
But subtracting its pollution is beyond necessary
Reasons for war in Iraq dont add up
So we must subtract the president to make that up
Add me your disk changer
Subtract the monotony and the rap game is in danger
And whats stranger add a woman to a lone ranger
Subtracts focus no bullets in the chamber
Im adverse when I add verse
Lyrically subtract your life span and put you in a plaid hearse
A waste of time to admonish me
Cause warning subtracts my attention in all honesty
Add openness to the US planet magnify Janet
Subtract FCC now all access is granted
Added to fact in France they walk the beach
With clothes subtracted and nobody lost the speech
Add a tazer to a boy in blue
Subtract guns and you got enough shock in the street to make boiling soup
Add surgery and make-up and got a bombshell
Subtract it all youre back to Walter Cromwell
Add curry and its a Caribbean meal
Subtract the jerk and nows its got an Indian feel and
Add vegetables to your daily feast
Subtract the meat and grease now were not obese
Or at least add fish and subtract the red
Get out of the bed take a little jog instead
Add a fresh breath of morning fog instead
And subtracted is the look of a slob instead
Hip Hop – Biggie = too much violence
Two teens raw dog = too much silence
MC particular format = the mainstream
NBA – 10th man = the same team
Truescribe – a beat = Im still ill
Me – shoes on my feet = Ill kill Bill
Acapella instrumental = feared more than pain dental
Happy couples a woman – premenstrual
Life comedy = content expression
But – reflection of possession = a depression
An hour of meditation ink – a bell
A beat = 5 mics and XXL
Cause when you have contemplation infinite time to dwell –
Bliss = writing like you got outta hell
Like you got a story to tell of being in a cell a well –
Anybody hearing you yell

And this verse 2 minutes = its time to finish
These words – cholesterol = my hearts in it
Knicks jersey number 3 – Stephon = Starks in it
Atl crazy hell = Braves or Hawks win it
This concept the lines = mad witty
My manhood – 3 inches = a sad pity
Me – writers block my production =
A mathematical and lyrical combustion

Fetal Criminal

I was born around midnight center of a crack house
Or as the president calls it in private black house
As soon as I popped out mama had a black out
Ironically the rock made me a wizard like Stackhouse
The first child birth without a tear leaving
I aint dead just happy to be here breathing
Ear to ear smiling gums in the air in the shining
Like Europeans when they discovered African diamonds
What a wonderful world was feeling Louis Armstrong
When I arrived high as the bird singing the Swan song
My uncle held me in his hand while he passed the pipe to his man
This is around where the withdrawal began
Gimme a toke it might shock you to hear they obliged
Blew it in my little face so the yelling subside
Dont judge em, they took me in as one of their own
Lowered the dosage till I no longer was craving the stone

I was born with this mind set
Spent 9 months in the tunnel of a crime set
My excuse for this lifestyle is the offset
Of look at my surroundings from the onset
Understand the concept

10 years old with my ear to the wall hearing a brawl
Fear wasnt appearing at all
Cracked the door about an inch
Saw my uncle and his man moving a dead body didnt hesitate or flinch
Jumped right in grabbed the feet it gave me a blood thrill
Fantasizing wishing I was there for the blood spill
If I opened it 5 minutes earlier I wouldve seen his throat squirt
This marked the beginning of a growth spurt
Aged about 8 years in the span of 3
My uncle always used to say he saw his man in me
Mentally 18 and ready for the ins and outs
We put drops of blood in beers and called them crimson stouts
Before they knew it I was giving them ideas for expansion
Ready for a mansion they called me little Manson
I loved the nickname
My suggestions were ingenious turned all their losses into quick gain

Moving on to bigger and better things the street drop out
Sold the block out got rid of the cop out
We came up fast like miracle grass
Off people looking like theyre on a spiritual fast
How can I be a poison pusher without remorse though
I didnt force toxic chemicals down their torso
Check it I rose to the top of the summit
I would show all 32s any time the stock would plummet
Cause less green means more pain and more pain killers
Brain killers, a variety of vein fillers
Standing at the apex my ridiculous cash flow
Make me think all of my friends are Donnie Brasco
You could be my right hand but cause Im heartless
You still fear shoveling a grave for your carcass
Headed for either death or prison
But since my head hit the air cracked out Im a sinner forgiven

Peace Talk

I’m a man of peace I just wanna live in solitary
Move to Tibet meditate and join a monastery
Clothed in a robe that’s older than mold
My dream life forever to be hosed in a lobe
I don’t care about your violence or the guns you tote
How many thumbs you broke M1’s you smoke
A dictator’s a coward and Gandhi’s a god
Let you beat my ass with a staff and a rod
To teach you a lesson move you towards progression
My brain’s a lethal weapon not a Smith and Wesson
I told you i don’t think like yall my brain code
Is to treat hate with love you call it insane mode
Either join me in the cause or let me be
My inner truth shall set me free
My viewpoints are the antibiotic to evil mankind
Cause an eye for an eye only leave man blind

Gimme war war i want a super sized portion of war war
My spoon is an F1 four four
I’m thirsty gimme some blood to pour pour
Gimme more more
Gimme war war i want a super sized portion of war war
My spoon is an F1 four four
I’m thirsty gimme some blood to pour pour
Gimme more more

Wonder what they called World War 1 around 1912
The war to end all wars put the guns on the shelves
And World War II was supposed to take us outta hell
But in the US as well we got the gas chamber smell
Did he get it from us or did we get it from Adolf
Either way I’m impressed gotta take my hat off
Born during Nam so call me a war child
Came out like GW with a war smile
Man has evolved in so many ways
We can kill 20 million in so many days
Violence is humanity’s ball and chain
We’re fighting flames with flames but it’s all in vain
Innocent people dying and they call it gain
A marksman’s reward is the hall of fame
Or should it be the hall of shame or the hall of blame
Either way its walls represent a hall of pain


I’m jealous of Pac cause where he’s staying at is peaceful the conflict is cease full
Heaven population ain’t deceitful
One session os self-realization on the sea shore
Does equal before six am as the marine corps
My mind is at peace and the jealousy is making you despise me
You’re planning how to un sanitize me
The world should be quarantined
Murderous thoughts erased by a UFO’s foreign beam
Let’s try a little common sense for a change
There’s a problem but your brain has the solution in its range
You apply it and it’s gone but returns in a flash
Try it again and the result is the past
Would you change yout approach I get an answer with a laugh
Truescribe I ain’t a scientist but I can do the math
Well milleniums the solution has been war
But it hasn’t stopped the behaviors it was invented for


I got enough ice to make a skatin rink
My cash flow could make Satan blink
On the real my axis is circled by crispy bills
Account got more paper than 2 million and fifty mills
Ill pay any price to keep mine in this lifetime
If it moves decimal points Ill even bite rhymes
I hold a pot of gold, and put tens to my nose
Making me high thinking how I needs Bens to buy clothes
My soul is thinner than an anorexics bones
Unimportant cause I got that Lexus chromed
I piss coins, dollars come out my ass crack
Plus Im murderous, temper flammable like gas caps
Hell is where Im headed, they say Im on a fast track
But hell on earth is when moneys what you lack jack
Perpendicular nah me and money parallel
Relentless pursuit made my house the color of caramel

Im typical but is it tight you decide
My rhymes are based upon who got the smoothest ride
Before I speak you know Im talking bout how I clap slugs
And how I got enough fifties to bury you in bath tubs

Yall aint having this
I ignore those who claim Ill be sunken by my avarice
Ill hit another jackpot while Im writing this verse
Money keeps me well grounded like Im fighting the turf
Got reason to wake up monetary obsession
I say Im moving up you say its transgression
I got so much green
I let doctors use the fibers of my hundreds just to sew up spleens
Know what I mean I say it with a smirk and a wink
Live in a far cry from where roaches lurk in the sink
Catch a case no problem bribe the whole panel
Deliberation in seconds excuse me Im banal?
Nah tripling income since ninety two
My left pocket alone worth your grimy crew
Whats my point Im the unknown Bill Gates
Filthy rich MC who was born to build papes

Long Live Wilt

Got the mentality of a playa, Ilove women
Why stick to one when I can have 20 different variations of women
My love circles bout as long as a Haiku
Only excuse ladies we werent designed like you
Fellas I know your feelin that like damn hes nice
Women lookin at me like some sort of antichrist
Thinkin I had the menage a trois to spite yall
How can I commit to Jane Sandra might call
Please accept all apologies
Im just fulfilling my destiny as an incredible sexual prodigy
Make me any less of a man
Cause I season with more than just salt when Im dressin a lamb
I aint askin yall to spread for just me
I aint manipulating or bein unjustly
Word to Wilt and his claim of 10 triple zero
A bachelor for life but I dont keep it on the d-lo

Long live Wilt cause he lived his lifestyle with no guilt
In honor of the man they nicknamed Stilt
Imma weave a 7 foot 1 inch quilt
And give it a tilt
Long live Wilt cause he did it with no shame
Wrote a book about it and so he claimed
To have 10 thousane in his name
And went back to the game

Gonna start a campaign against monogamy
Cause even if she look as good Rakims song number 8 Mahogany
It takes self discipline to stop the lips from whistling
She looks down at my wedding band marriage vows glistening
Gimme breakfast in bed with an asian lunch Caucasian
Dinner with a mix of Mediterranean and Cajun
Im looking for a woman prepared for any occasion
But theres nothin tailor made halt the process of maturation
Is it a mental disability lack of humility
Desiring twice the opposite sex in my facility
I beg to differ as shes lowering the zipper
I tell her I love her as a friend thats all I can deliver
Your tanks cant separate emotion from pumping
Filled you up with super but Im in love pumpkin
Thats the way my mind works a millions what a dimes worth
Especially if she got the hips to make a crooked spine jerk


Truescribe please rise look into these eyes
The prosecution claims youre a heart thief why?
Im innocent, I let em know up front
I aint looking for a wife only a love stunt
We got Brenda and Sandra Veronica, and Tina
Ready to testify of your misleading demeanor
If I misled Im sorry but it wasnt intentional
They got the wrong impression cause my sessions unconventional
Regardless its heartless sex is about connection
Not satisfying the blood flow of an erection
Im a man I told you I dont work that way
Emotional investments will get you jerked that way
Is this what was intended when we were invented
A negative percentage of care as being the incentive
You think im a devils advocate ill take it in stride
Im sick or arguing so let the listeners decide

One Life To Live

Im not a religious man but I love the lord
Every night I sit meditate and hug the lord
Spirituality has nothing to do with what your faith is
They thinking if your god isnt defined hes evasive
But lets take it back to basics and face it
Religion has so much blood on its hands I can stick my tongue out and taste it
From Northern Ireland to Africa to Palestine to Manhattan
Bodies covered in satin
Not saying Im better than anyone cause thats the root of it all
My god exists and yours doesnt thats the fruit of it all
We all have similar troubles similar struggles the same goal
To live in happiness and watch all the pain fold
We all breath air sneeze blink bleed red
If there was another ice age we would all be dead
Till I expire this is all speculation
A letter to the god awaiting in the next station

You aint heard from me in while
They diagnosed me with cancer yet and still I smile
Picture me now with head held down my palms drowning in my tears
Funny how when your alone god is always near
The pain is deep never feared any man so why cant I sleep
Scared tomorrow will never come
Perhaps to some Im showing fear
But come and test me cause aint no coward n*** living here
It is destined for man to live once and then die
I got a lot to accomplish before my time
In and other words Im here to stay
Dropping heartfelt poetry until judgment day and should our father take me away
Then leave a n*** at peace because in heaven Ill shine
Finally at peace in this troubled life of mine
This troubled life of mine

Tired of going 12 round with adversity
Lord why are you letting this pain immerse in me
Hope you dont consider that blaspheming
Cause on my life Ill be by your side till you conquer the last demon
Please protect me from the gats screaming
While I stroll down the streets with my hats even
Looking over my shoulder what are my concerns based on
Nothing paranoid knowing that my faiths gone
He spoke to me and said worry causes most deaths
My outlook black on both sides like Mos Def
My fear is trusting god completely
Only to see him vanish in the light once my enemies greet me
I know you havent done anything to lose my trust
My granny told me that you made my soul straight outta dust
Theyll say this is cause I dont follow a book
But even those struggle with their faith at times take a look

Beatmaker / Lyricist

You bought to feel an onslaught an education in making songs crop
Soon as the song drops my lyricism has
Entered your brain forever ingrained cause Ive never written clever in vain
And Ive ridden the rap train since 6th grade
And I still listen to Kane back when he had a slick fade
Still loving the songs Slick Rick made
Thats why I spit a poem sharper than a switch blade
Pop couldnt understand how talking on a beat was an art form
Mine is poetry in a form of a dart storm
And all yall looking like bulls eyes
Battling me is like looking in a bulls eyes
Got six of the pins in me but Im feeling no pain
Angst boiling over like the last minutes of Cobain
And this beat aint helping Im bout to blow like
The machines in Chicago in the snow right
Wrote this on the 5th anniversary of Columbine
That day I could bubble it up in one line
Parents disregard for behavior of a teenager
Had a high school singing a psalm in C major
Isnt it ironic it was on 4/20 man
No way they lit up in that state you couldnt kill any man
Not advocating drugs for peace
Just saying it wouldve been delayed a day at least
Speaking of piece Im sick MC gun talk
Any human can get shot one walk like
Dont matter if you Christian Muslim Pagan
Happened to JFK, King, Gandhi, and Reagan
Dont matter how many bodyguards you could be a leader
They got Saddam Hussein in a wife beater
But word wise with one verse Im so verb wise
Murder you and your herd dies without use of a birds eyes
Cause Im a lyricist nah Im a beat crafter
Maybe a Mozart android but 8 times blacker
Its time to put an abrupt end to this little chapter
Of whos the nicest presently or here after
If you say someone other than me youll hear laughter
Dont wanna get you stripped of your rap card flapper
Its understandable if before this song is over
You have to pull your vehicle to the nearest shoulder
Cause Truescribes words easily pass you by like
Dominique raps human high light

Race Cards

They call me charcoal man the dark coal man
In 1619 I touched these sands
At the moment my bare feet touched these lands
I cried for the jungle where the hunt thieves glands
But now Im staring at the face of a musket
And behind it is a European with a look that cant be trusted
Speaking that chitter chatter and man Im missing Swahili
Plus the mountains where we used rocks to write graffiti
I hear athletes trying to compare the struggle
Like you ever worked free under the scope of a mussel
You got me rotating 360 in my grave
Like you can really fathom what it means to be a slave
Me, I cried, died and swallowed my pride for you
You you never had your freedom denied to you
You wouldve never known this ever happened if it werent for textbooks
And even those dont provide the best looks
My race invented racism and the meaning of victimized
Evidenced thoroughly forever by the whips and knives
Beneficiaries respect but dont equalize
Just a little glance or peek into my peoples eyes

Ok yall been through hell but I been hated since A.D.
Jesus stepped off the cross now they degrade me
We chose not to see him as gods messiah
Now we got centuries of being under the fire
Knock knock its the SS forcing me to undress
And stand in line for Mendel to administer tests
With the devil in his eyes giving me sinister stress
To see if Ill fold or break in a minute or less
You ever seen the Himalayas in the form of the dead
Nameless graves in a pool with no water to tread
Wishing we were a slave being told to behave
Id take that any day but still we had to be brave
From going about life to being a walking skeleton
With muscles so feeble often mistaken for gelatin
The allies came over and they opened the cage
And brought the prejudice to us in a whole new stage
They didnt want us in their land so they gave us more of the Mediterranean
And angered Arabians
We walk around fearing the attack of the suicidal back packs
Peace never to be found always on a back track

They call me rice man rice man and sometimes yellow man
Always assumed to be smarter than my fellow man
Gave me insecurities cause of my eye slopes
Someday itll be overlooked I got high hopes
From the ching to ling to chung to chong
Its straight wrong whether you spoke or sung a song
I know you heard the joke about the pots and pans
Wanna make a room laugh its got lots of fans
Welcome to the hidden world of racism against of my creed
Youll find its just as evil indeed
You ever heard of the Chinese exclusion act
We were banned from here not an illusion act
Passed in 1882 as a matter of fact
At least worthy to be here if your race was black
Did you know about the constant rise in anti-Asian hate crime
From street feet to knees to waste line
In California we build the shops
Got looted at the riots like they didnt have the will to stop
An American you still see me as a foreigner
Even if I served valiantly as grandpas coroner

They call me red man red man but not yet dead man
I came at em with arrows but they got me with the lead man
The only true American damn right Native
Columbus the defendant and my culture the plaintiff
Since his boat hit the beach its nothing but down hill
A minority but amazingly we are around still
Close my eyes blow smoke recite sacred chants
Ask my ancestors for guidance through a sacred dance
So they can help me look past the offensive mascots
As I sip water from leaves good to the last drop
Favorite team is white skins, black skins I mean Redskins
Now you see its harsh after I gave it a head spin
And its a shame what they got up in Cleveland
A blood red face representing the baseball team all season
Government acts like they aint got a heart to churn
Cause theres not enough of us for them to be concerned
And decency is not what motivates the change
Its power and we aint got enough to shake the chains
But when the black people got enough to make a stain
And said to defend ourselves well take your brains
All of a sudden the change is on
Oopps wait gotta go time flew the Skins game is on

They call me brown man brown man or others Hispanic
Latinos rushing to the states causing domestic panic
We cross the borders to take all American orders
Doing work worth dollars but we get paid quarters
We save businesses thousands a day
By doing jobs Americans wont do for next to minimal pay

But theyre still finding a way to complain
Like cleaning toilets is a job taking away from American gain
How much did you get back on your tax return
I cant file so I really gotta max the earn
As for the language Ill speak mine and you speak yours
Half the cities are in Spanish on the west coast shores
And the southwest was Mexico
Was sick of sweating on a field for four quarters like Plexico
So if you were in a country paying a dime a day
And 6 an hour was long walk and climb away
Or a flight away dont tell me you wouldnt depart
Even though homes your heart to get a fresh new start
Im just a man looking for food clothing and shelter
And to get to it Im willing to face helter skelter

They call me white man white man and some call me devil
Cause I used gun powder to rise above sea level
If youve got a problem blame the white demons
Available for finger pointing ready for you all four seasons
On a serious note Id never boast
About my ancestors using guns to kidnap the Ivory Coast
Or almost sending the Indians into oblivion
Not a role Im comfortable in fact its one Im dizzy in
But Ive never owned a slave or treated anyone in inhumane ways
These are not the same days
But not now you come at me for restitution
And Im sorry but to me thats only misplaced retribution
If you believe in karma then you know the world is a circle
So youll be getting yours like Whoopi in The Color Purple
Sounds sick but in a way their suffering can be advancement
Cause now you got the chance to use it as an enhancement
It doesnt right a wrong but check this analyzation
If it never happened you wouldnt be a member of this nation
And you check the TV station starvation in Liberia
How would your life be different if you grew up in Nigeria
To be poor is a joke here you still eat if you broke here
In Africa the flies are waiting for them to croak there
Imagine 400 years of oppresion for 400 of progression
And its starting now conclusion of the session

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